Building bridges in the community through diamond sports

Who We Are

The Pirates Training Center is the Steel City’s baseball and softball programming division operated by EL1 Sports – the national sports training company created by athletes, coaches, and educators. Collectively, we believe the transformative power of sports can help shape the next generation and make a difference in people’s lives, be it on or off the field.

Whether it’s a group of kids stepping up to the plate for their first time or a high school athlete seeking scholarships for the next step in their athletic career, the young men and women who train with us benefit from a thoughtfully curated environment that challenges and empowers them every day.

The Bianco Story

As one of the most notable hitters in W.P.I.A.L history, Matt Bianco is an exemplary source for raising the confidence and skillset of young athletes. Since earning his degree in Health and Physical Education, he has instructed thousands of students at the self-founded Bianco School of Baseball, several of whom have gone on to earn significant scholarships and make the big leagues. Through this partnership with EL1 and the Pirates, Matt looks to bring more opportunities to athletes, and give every kid a chance to play.



The newly-founded Pirates Training Center is a hub for baseball activity in the Burgh, offering expert instruction to teams, individuals, and coaches in all facets of the game. In Canonsburg, the Bianco School of Baseball lives on, Powered by the Pirates, within the Pirates Training Center.


The Pirates Training Center has dedicated softball instruction, run for and by women, using the programs we have developed over the years under the name “Softball University.”


EL1 Quickball provides a high-speed, low-pressure entry point into the games of baseball and softball for young kids, as well as engaging fundamental training for older athletes.


EL1 Tournaments is the leagues-and-tournaments division of EL1 Sports, operating over 100 highly regarded annual baseball and fastpitch softball tournaments around the country.

Partnering with MLB

The Pirates Training Center is a product of the partnership agreement forged in 2022 between EL1 Sports and Major League Baseball, aiming to grow accessibility and engagement in youth baseball and softball. The alliance supports sustainable, innovative grassroots programming led by MLB teams in each of their regions.

Play to Innovate

State-of-the-art Facilities

The Pirates Training Center will not just boast state-of-the-art instructional facilities, but also community stations to assist and celebrate local athletes from all walks of life. Each location is equipped with turf, netting, performance enhancement equipment, configurable training stations, and next-generation technology, like Diamond Kinetics, HitTrax, Rapsodo – as well as seating and viewing areas for families.