Programs For Players of Every Age and Every Stage

1:1 Lessons

The Pirates Training Center offers a variety of private lessons year-round for individuals and small groups, led by instructors who have played at the highest levels and are well-versed in how to teach the fundamentals of the game. Our lessons can be specialized based on position, tailored toward each athlete based on their skillset, and can even integrate as much technology as you want.

Camps & Clinics

We offer a wide variety of camps and clinics for athletes of all ages and skill levels. Program lengths vary from single-day to multi-week, offering a range of seasonal all-skills camps and position-specific clinics to endurance programs and a fully-indoor league. We emphasize growth and progressive development, but never lose sight of the need for fun.

Beta Program

Our signature training program aims to better young athletes in all categories: hitting, fielding, throwing, and mental tools. Through this 12-week training period, players will work on new skills every Saturday, and even practice in-game scenarios! In order to sign up, all players must first partake in a tryout so one of our experienced instructors can help determine what to focus on most.

“Powered By” Admin Support and Team Training Instruction

Often, youth teams are run by coaches who have other day jobs, aided by volunteers and parents. Lucky teams might have an especially skilled and dedicated leader – but they almost never have position-specific instructors or people who are adept at the bookkeeping, roster management, marketing, and other critical administrative functions.

The Pirates Training Center has a solution. Our unique “Powered By” suite of services taps into our size and expertise to help teams with supplemental and specialized instruction on-the-turf and administrative support behind-the-scenes. Best of all, our services not only save team organizers time and effort, but in many instances money too.

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What Sets Us Apart

Most of the athletes we work with already have their own coaches, whether it’s the head of a Little League team, travel ball team, a Mom or a Dad, or maybe even both – that’s why we call our staff “Instructors.” They are here to be constructive and instructive. To guide, to observe, to encourage, to redirect. To provide skill-specific assistance as a complement to the regular coaches who, by the definition of their jobs, must be all things to all athletes.