Extra Reps

With customized training-and-progression plans meticulously developed by our outstanding team of instructors in concert with athletes and parents, you can focus on the areas of the game that YOU want to work on – from hitting a curve to hitting the corners of the strike zone to hitting a cutoff man. You name it, we’ll help.

We do it all in our state-of-the-art indoor facilities, where there are never any rain delays and where our unique instructional system creates the perfect environment for building both confidence and skills.

Ready to get started? Click below and we’ll take you to our booking website where you can select your instructor, choose your pricing or bundle option, and put it on the calendar.


Power in Numbers – Plus Extra Savings

With small group lessons at the Pirates Training Center, 3-4 people can take part at a time – teammates, friends, neighbors, or family members. They can rotate in and out of the batting cage, or tag-team drills on the turf, and by so doing, they get the benefit of both a lot of repetitions and the visualization of watching others go through their reps.

An additional benefit is that small group lessons can be more affordable on a per person basis.

Got your group together? Stop by one of our facilities to book your lessons or send us an email with the number of athletes, ages, skill levels, and desired location.

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